About us
Our story

Kantoes Australia is an Australian owned company, established in Sydney, to provide locally sourced natural products to consumers. Our products are available at many pharmacies across Australia.

Kantoes products include: Pure Australian marine collagen peptide, high quality of daily vitamins, natural skin care products and 100% Australia made dairy products.

At Kantoes, all our products are made in Sydney and complied with Australia’s strictest GMP manufacturing standards.We aim to provide the highest quality of products, produced with extreme care to ensure our customers consume only the best.

Kantoes is composed of natural medicine, medical, microbiology and botany experts and scholars research and development team. Adopting scientific formula and high-quality raw materials. Adhering to the world’s most stringent

Australian drug agency TGA requirements, rigorous academic spirit to ensure the quality control of the whole process of production and final product quality.

Six confidence guarantees

1. Made in Australia. The Australian mark of origin issued by AMC in Australia ensures that products strictly comply with legal supervision and quality verification, which is an absolute guarantee of confidence.

2. The World Health Organization "Production Quality Management Standard Certification" certifies international good manufacturing practices.

3. Australia's TGA certification of drug and food management implements strict management of drug production and import, and is recognized as the world's most stringent drug regulatory and market access country.

4. Manufactured in an international GMP workshop to ensure safety and effectiveness, comply with World Health Organization production standards, and ensure that the products reach the highest quality level.

5. Qualification of the Australia and New Zealand Chamber of Commerce to ensure that members are AAA credit ratings.

6. Global AUD 20 million product quality insurance, enjoy global AUD 20 million product quality insurance, triple quality assurance product quality.